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Flycopter Vertidome Ville Blanc

The Vertidome 

A personal vertiport “vertidome” is available to protect your device.

It offers the possibility of shared use, for example for the implementation of automated transport in localities with no transport offer or difficult access,

Park your ULM plane in your garden, travel by air door to door more efficiently and environmentally than with a hybrid electric automobile.

This is the parking lot of tomorrow, your shared charging station just like for your “vélib”.

Protected area during takeoff and landing with reduction of noise pollution during takeoff.


Logo CC4.0 by nc sa2
Rendering bird takeoff air box vertidome

“Flycopter” solutions protect fauna and flora, open up territories, for increased transport safety and while respecting the environment.


Its strong points :

  • Zero CO2 emissions,

  • 70% more efficient in use than automobiles.

  • Accessible with ULM license (-450kg empty) and soon without license

  • Safety parachute

  • Automatic takeoff and landing, GPS flight, cased thrusters, range extender, electronic flight assistance, etc.

  • Vertiport for shared use,

“Flycopter” is a set of solutions to combat and reduce the impact of transport on climate change, promote territorial equality and improve the energy efficiency of transport.


“Flycopter” to access the pleasure of flying !

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