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Flycopter Villa Blanc
Flycopter Project Bird Blanc perso

The Bird (2025)

The Bird is a new generation of 2-seater side-by-side Personal Air Vehicle. It is an electric multirotor, we have chosen 6 thrusters including 1 supernumerary (useful only in the event of failure of a thruster for greater safety).

Vertical take-off and hovering helicopter type device, multicopter, with complete pivoting of the wing integrating propulsion designed for a transition to airplane mode which allows greater autonomy and increased speed.

Even more safety with its cell parachute, automated and assisted piloting.


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Pré-commande of "BIRD"

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The innovation lies in the stabilized double cardan type chassis allowing you to switch from vertical to horizontal mode without changing the attitude of the pilot and his passenger. (like a gimbal, stabilized camera for drone to remain stable and aligned with the horizon)

You will be transported with the same comfort as when you watch a video captured by a drone with a camera on a stabilized gimbal.

The automation is responsible for eliminating pitching and rolling for passengers, and for piloting the motorized sail independently to best take into account the flight parameters.

Panoramic view of Paris FLYCOPTER PROJECT
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Passenger comfort is improved, hovering and aircraft flight modes are thus compatible, which is not possible with traditional architectures.

Like a bird that keeps its head aligned with the horizon in all situations, the cockpit remains level in all phases of flight. This flexible geometry was already used in part on the nose of the Concorde, but was lacking on the tail-sitters and on all current “drone” models.

Ideal for your transport activity, for your personal use or to visit your property and transport a child or a sick person to the nearest emergency center.


A personal vertiport "vertidome" is available to protect your device, for shared use or for the development of autonomous public transport in your locality. (quantity to be specified when ordering using the contact form)



The Jap (2026)

The JAP is the most innovative 4-seater vehicle on the market with its flight span of 10 meters, for a vertical take-off and landing surface equivalent to 2 car seats.

It is characterized by an integral flat floor. Its total front and rear loading allows easy access which can quickly be adapted to the transport of people in wheelchairs (PRM) and

medical transport in a lying position.

Its wings unfold by copying animal kinematics (biomimicry), the device can be piloted with the wing deployed or folded.

logo CC4.0 by nc sa2

Its flexibility of use makes it possible to envisage deliveries in difficult to access, highly urbanized and/or congested areas (medications, organ transport, emergency evacuations).

More compact than a helicopter, more economical and efficient, faster in flight and more comfortable (for the care of patients) with the stabilized cockpit, its field of action is more extensive.

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