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Meetings & innovation

Last Thursday, the Flycopter Project Team stopped at Coat&Co at the innovation village for an Eco Breakfast, organized by the Leff Armor community !

This workshop on the theme "Financing innovation" was presented by INNOZH Technopole to offer project leaders and business leaders an overview of possible financing for projects.

We then met with EPIDE to set up training bridges with young people from the center and their new Fablab. Thanks to Vanessa PÉDRON for her intervention and Morgane Delugin for her welcome!

In the afternoon, head to Lannion Airport to meet the site managers with Anticipa to present to them the 1/5 scale model of the Bird and prepare for the testing phases of this prototype!

Thanks to David Le Floch, François Otmesguine and Johan Ollivier for their listening and advice!

The next day, head to Perros-Guirec to attend the Anticipa General Assembly organized at the Les Baladins Cinema.

Congratulations to everyone for this comfortable, modern and innovative session! Congratulations for the values ​​held by the speakers and to the entire Anticipa team who enlighten us.





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