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FlyCopter validates its first Internship

The environmental impact must not overshadow the social impact, FlyCopter and our teams of founders, advisors, consultants, are reinforced by a first trainee bringing complementary skills and allowing their training to be validated.

We are delighted to be able to exchange with the young generation engaged and open to change, our partnerships with the fablabs but also the IUT Lannion, the IMT Atlantique Brest, and soon new partnerships to maintain our ethical commitments and our ambition to give you wings, we train and contribute to training for an ecological transition and a profound breakthrough in the adoption of new, more advantageous modes of mobility.

We welcome Théo Gaudin from ESDAC Rennes as part of his Bachelot Product Design, we believe in Théo's talent and what a joy to be acclaimed by the students, thank you Théo for choosing us.

We are sharing Théo's CV with you, because we cannot yet retain our talents but for the moment he is in the team at the forefront of tomorrow's drones and LSA (ULM) ;-)

@FlyCopter Project @IUT Lannion @IMT atlantique @Théo gaudin ESDAC Rennes

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