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For the Viva Technology 2024 show, we are launching requests for pre-orders for the Bird, the first decarbonized two-seater heVTOL LSA which will see the light of day in 2024 for marketing in 2025 in Lannion in France!

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The first 10 Bird Flycopters for 2025 are finally available for reservation:

Complete the “letter of intent” to then validate the pre-order of the Bird, the FLYCOPTER PROJECT two-seater heVTOL ULM.


You can also download this request letter directly by clicking here in order to express through this non-contractual document your intention to acquire one or more copies of the device presented and support the development. To validate your request for interest, please return this letter to, we will get back to you as a priority for the pre-sale of the first 10 historical copies.

An impatiently awaited month of May!

This month, Alain Thibaudeau and his team will show you the 1/5 scale model of the Bird in order to better perceive the advantages of these new 2-seater flying devices.

If you have questions ?

Visit our new website, and follow our news via

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